“A good and proper diet in disease is worth a hundred medicines and no amount of medication can do good to a patient who does not observe a strict regiment of diet.”– Chakara Samhita (ca. 300 A.D.)


How can a nutrition consultation help me?

Nutrition consultation can assist you in many ways, including:

  • Understand the food allies or enemies present in your diet
  • Create a basic rehabilitation diet program to restore homeostasis/balance
  • Learning how to balance the nutritional needs of the body
  • Learning how to make choices appropriate to your needs
  • Get yourself tested for IgE and IgG Allergy reactions
  • Guidance on how to achieve optimal health
  • Consultation and education about the nutritional causes of digestive disorders
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching for healthy weight loss

What can I expect to get from your service?

All clients are unique and require an individualized approach in order to address their specific needs. As a practitioner, it is crucial to hear what the client is saying so an appropriate plan can be offered. Health and wellness is a journey which requires active participation by the client. As such, clients should be educated with respect to the approach by which the practitioner intends to suggest so the client fully understands the process and purpose.

How are Allergies and Diet related?

Allergies are the body’s immune system responding to an element that it deems unfriendly. When a diet includes denatured items, it provides little nutrients to sustain a healthy body. A poor diet can create stress on the digestive system. When food is properly digested, it is broken down in several steps before the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and into the blood stream. The body is designed to recognize and use these nutrients as necessary for good health. However, improper nutrition, junk food, bad carbohydrates, white sugar and pastries can lead to an unhappy gastro-intestinal tract. When there is inflammation into the small intestine, food does not get properly transformed into usable nutrients and may lead to fatigue, overweight and more. When the body is unable to recognize the undigested food molecules, it may trigger an immune response and attack this new ‘invader’. And with that, create a hyper-sensitivity or an allergic reaction.

Allergies can also be a sign that the liver is overburdened with toxins, and/or does not receive enough material to circulate within the body. Some symptoms such as headaches, irritability, delayed or painful menstruation may be experienced. Pre-menstrual symptoms may be a sign that the liver needs assistance.

By repairing the digestive system, and supporting the liver detoxification as well as, choosing more natural unprocessed food choices, the body can restore and eliminate the allergen and extract/ transform the nutrients necessary to nourish the body at the cellular level. Good nutrition is a crucial aspect to a healthy body that is fueled with energy and remains youthful. When your body is in a state of imbalance, illness, allergies and symptoms are the body’s natural language to communicate the need for change on one’s diet. Are you paying attention?

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"Laynah is an eternal student that is fascinated by learning, making connections and getting to the bottom of things. She is an incredibly hard worker who puts her heart and soul into her patient diagnosis and treatment plans. Key elements to a great practitioner!"

Gillian M. BC March 17, 2014


Allergy Sources

All food and beverages, including (but not limited to) coffee, tea, tomatoes, fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, eggs, sugars, alcohol, juices etc., can all cause an allergic reaction. Some of the most common environmental and seasonal allergies are, molds, plants, pollens, trees, grasses, weeds, flowers, dust, dust mites, fabric and fiber like feathers or wool. People can also experience allergic response to chemicals and inhalants, household toxins, cosmetic & hygiene products and perfumes. It is not uncommon to have an allergenic reaction to a family pet, such as dogs, cats and other animals. Even insect allergies are common. Red itchy eyes, runny nose are some of the allergic reactions to any of the above.

Diet Suggestions

Low salt, low fat, high fiber, elimination of eggs and dairy products, raw salad once daily and add more protein, as well as more cooked and raw vegetables.

Herbal Tea

Chamomille, Centaury, Elderflowers, Ground ivy, lime flowers, nettles, plantain, red sage has been known to help alleviate allergy symptoms.