I thank you in advance for filling the intake form prior to your appointment. It is super helpful when we receive the information a couple of days before we meet. Often, we have one herbal formula created to help you in your healing journey.
Please note that emailing it to me is not a secure channel, thus, do not enter information in your intake that could potentially put you at risk. It is quite lengthy but very informative in piecing together what your body is trying to tell you via your pains, aches and ailments. 
Remember that you have the healing power, our journey together is to find out when and where you lost this and help your body release traumas or pain it did not understood when you were little.
Looking forward to serving you and matching powerful plant allies that will help you understand your journey. Please note that Skype Herbal Consultation is available for those who live too far to come into the office.

Please click form name to download: 

Patient Intake Form PDF

Release of medical Records

Blessings in love and light