Nettle Tops (35g)


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Nettle Tops (Urtica dioica) (35g)

Latin name: Urtica dioica

Common name: Nettle

Nettle is a widely applicable herb that strengthens and supports the whole body, acting primarily on protein pathways. It aids in the removal of protein waste from the body, acting as a remedy for gout, arthritis, and muscular soreness. It contains chlorophyll, formic acid, amino acids, acetylcholine, flavonoids, vitamins, proteins, dietary fiber and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Nettle also has astringent properties and aids with immune response, liver metabolism, skin reactions, and kidney elimination.


Urtica dioica is a perennial growing in damp forests or wherever land has been disturbed by Man. It has a richly-branched yellow rhizome, which spreads which over large areas, and from which grow numerous erect, quadrangular stems. These are up to 1.5m tall and are covered with long stinging hairs and short bristly hairs. The opposite, stalked, cordate or lanceolate leaves are serrated at the margin and covered on both sides with stinging hairs. The flowers are unisexual, the plants dioecious, although monoecious ones do occur. The flowers are arranged in drooping panicles, growing in groups from the upper leaf axils. The male inflorescences are erect and shortly branched, with four perianth segments and four stamens. The female flowers have two perianth segments and a superior ovary with a stalkless stigma. The fruit is an achene


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