Gentian Root (60g)


Heat clearing and dampness drying

Bitter, cold

Liver, gall bladder, stomach

Contra indicated in cases of yang deficiency of spleen and stomach with poor appetite and diarrhea.

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Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea) (60g)

Latin name: Gentiana lutea

Common name: Gentian Root

Gentiana lutea is a natural herb with an extremely strong and bitter taste. Dried Gentian root has traditionally been prepared as a decoction or tea. While bulk Gentiana Root may have therapeutic value as an herb, caution should be exercised and it should not be taken by people with ulcerative conditions.

Description: Gentiana lutea (great yellow gentian) is a species of gentian native to the mountains of central and southern Europe. The flowers are yellow,

with the corolla separated nearly to the base into 5–7 narrow petals. It grows in grassy alpine and sub-alpine pastures, usually on calcareous soils.

Botanical Name: Gentiana lutea

Common Names: Yellow gentian, bitter root, bitterwort, centiyane and genciana

Medicinal Parts: Root

Safety Guidelines: Should not be used by persons with ulcers or when stomach irritation or inflammation is present

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