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Laynah Hélène Lafond

Intuitive wellness facilitator

I am an alternative practitioner with a tool box filled with a mixture of skillsets. I have been on a spiritual path ever since my early teen years. My studies range from Reiki, therapeutic touch, Intuitive Medical Herbalist, 5 elements acupressure, acupuncture, Maestra de Medicina, Clarity Breathwork™ and more. I connect with worlds that are invisible to the naked human eyes and listen to higher guidance for the highest best. I facilitate your reconnection to your own inner shaman. Many of my friends are from the plant kingdom and I often get dreams about formulating herbal remedies specific to individual imbalances which works magically and miraculously. I am well aware of pain and suffering in myself and others. I bring a heart full of love and light wherever my feet touches the ground and with whomever I meet. I understand traumas and abuse of many kinds. My heart opens a matrix where love can be brought into the field of the physical form with guided wisdom that brings awareness in the experience, what I call the gems of the earthly classrooms. I am a magician of different worlds, dimensions and level of awareness. There are realms of invisible energy bodies that offers powerful healing once these are brought into alignment with your soul purpose. Love is the greatest healer and medicine of all times. Faith of a world where we all can live in peace and harmony is my greatest attribute and wishes for everyone. My cup is always full of love and light. 

Diploma of Phytotherapy (DipPhyto), Diploma of Acupuncture (DipAcu), Diploma 5 Elements Acupressure (DipFEA), Diploma of Health and Fitness, Reiki Master, “Maestra de Medicina” apprentice.

Laynah Hélène Lafond  has been involved in techniques for healing the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for more than 30 years. It is her goal to assist others in reaching balanced health, or at least find peace with Ill-ease and Dis-ease in one’s life. She is passionate about Plant Spirit Medicine in their natural form and loves to find plant allies that will assist people’s body in reclaiming their vitality. You are energy in form thus illness is simply an imbalance of your own energies. Pain is stuck energies that can be recaptured.

Diploma in Fitness, Health and Nutrition

With a diploma in Fitness, Health and Nutrition, she received high honors from International Correspondence School of Canada in 1988. She has been a Reiki Master since 2000 and she believes healing starts with the spirit and the energy bodies surrounding the physical form. Emotions are our barometer and they show us how far away from our true self we have moved. Emotions are allies in releasing body illnesses and calls for our attention. We are spirit energy in human form having an earthly experience. YOU are powerful healers beyond words.

5 Elements Acupressure

She studied 5 elements Acupressure in 2006 with the Canadian Acupressure College in Victoria BC and received her diploma in 2009. By working with the body’s meridian pulses, and using the 5 elements in nature, the body learns to release trauma, emotions and pain to harmonize the flow of energies.  The body knows HOW to heal itself; it simply needs help releasing the blockages to recreate balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. The body stores any unresolved emotions and manifests itself as aches, pains, headaches. It is her purpose to help people understand the body’s language. There is order in chaos thus balance withing the imbalances. Everything has a cycle, even your own body.

Diploma in Acupuncture and Phytotherapy

Laynah graduated from her dual diploma program of Acupuncture and Phytotherapy (Medical Western Herbalist) at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC in August 2013. She studied deeper levels of acupuncture along with the use of European Western herbs. She is a good standing member of The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy  and abides to high ethical standards.

Maestra Apprenticeship in Peru

Her recent apprenticeship in Peru (2016 & 2019) brought about new medicine to heal the soul and spirit. The Shipibo Shaman believes that all illness can be resolved. They hold ancient wisdom about plant spirit medicine. She feels grateful for this humbling honor to study the Shamanic practices of the Shipibo culture. Singing Icaros in sacred ceremonies raises a sick person’s vibration to the level of plant spirit medicine. By meeting powerful plant medicine halfway, the plants say that they will meet us half way and assist in balancing the energetic fields. The plant spirit medicine have been singing their healing melodies and shared their wisdom and gifts with those who can hear them. Laynah is an intuitive healer who bridge the gap between humans and plant spirit medicine. She is here to help you open your heart and bridge your heaven and earth so that you can raise your vibration into wellness.

She believes that it is important to feed the human form with live foods, as it is to work with spirit and emotions to better achieve health at all levels. Her wealth of knowledge and life experience makes her a very understanding practitioner that sees beyond problems and offers different solutions towards understanding the body’s hidden secrets. She has herself, battle weight issues at different stage of her life, and provides valuable information as to how to reclaim a healthy body. Her techniques are simple and coupled with common sense for the busy person in today’s society

It is her goal to serve and assist others in reclaiming their optimal health and return to their wellness. Her message to all her clients is to be willing to journey within and to listen to the body’s aches and pains as well as to pay attention to the energies out of balance, including emotions. Stop giving away your power to someone else to fix you, YOU have the inner knowledge to best restore homeostasis in YOUR body. She aims to guide you into the wealth of knowledge that exists inside of you towards achieving your optimal health. She continues to be a vessel for the plant kingdom and creates a bridge so that you can meet some amazing plant allies.

She returns to Peru in February 2019 and will spend 2 months in the Jungle. She study the magical world of Peruvian Medicine under the tutelage of Don Enrique at Inkan Kenya. She hope to bring a group of enthusiast with her the year 2020. Visit her other site for Sacred Plant Spirit Ceremony.

Please contact her is this is a dream of yours.


Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart, Messenger of the Plant Kingdom

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Laynah is passionate about Health and healing. She has devoted her life to that cause. She is kind, caring and compassionate. You are in good hands with Laynah.

Ocean Victoria BC March 17, 2014