Don't know where to start?

Feeling stuck. Don't have support from your doctor. You would like to understand the energy pattern behind your imbalances, NO PROBLEM!. Let's have a 30 minutes Wellness Exploration Session to discuss & create a plan of action to support your return to your wellness. 

Reconnecting you to the Plant Kingdom

I listen to you and your body to provide sound guidance that helps you make sense of your imbalances and compound  herbal remedies to bring you back in alignment with wellness. 

In a typical 90 minutes consultation via Zoom or in person, the plant allies that wish to work with you will make themselves know.

I am able to hear them as well as I understand your body language and prepare herbal remedies that match your vibrational need at the moment we meet.

Mantra: I open my heart to the healing powers of the plant kingdom.

Western Herbal Remedies Formulation

Phytotherapy is “modern herbal medicine” at its best. It applies scientific research and the highest professional standards to the practice of herbal. It includes the use of plants and botanical extracts to promote wellness and treat illness. Medical Herbalists are highly trained practitioners that combine the use of botanical medicine, science, and nutrition to restore health. Plant medicines have been used for centuries and modern research increasingly supports their efficacy and safety. Herbal preparations include teas, tinctures, ointments, and capsules, which are customized for individual use.

bulk herbs and tincture

Our apothecary has more then 300 different herbs to assist you reach your maximum wellness. Visit our shop to purchase your favorite herbs. Feel free to email us if you do not see what you are looking for. 

Dispensing tincture is available to other practitioners 

Sehome community with quality herbs to reconnect you to naturerve

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.


Heart of Light Breathwork


See with the Eyes of Your Breath! Clarity Breathwork™ is the perfect tool for releasing unconscious imprints held in the mental, emotional and physical levels of the being. Heart of Light Clarity Breathwork™ connects us with a higher aspect of ourselves so we can let go of shame and blame, and move into self-acceptance, compassion and love. Laynah has found Clarity Breathwork™ to be an incredibly powerful tool to access and release pain, trauma and chronic conditions in the physical body as well as understanding and transforming the different patterns of lack of self love towards herself and others in her life. To see with the eyes of your breath is the greatest gift of life.

Monthly Breathwork, Weekly Women's Divine Breath, click to read more

Our clients love sharing their journey with you!

"Laynah is an eternal student that is fascinated by learning, making connections and getting to the bottom of things. She is an incredibly hard worker who puts her heart and soul into her patient diagnosis and treatment plans. Key elements to a great practitioner!"


“Laynah is passionate about Health and healing. She has devoted her life to that cause. She is kind, caring and compassionate. You are in good hands with Laynah.”



“I have worked with Laynah on numerous occasions. I have found her extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring. I have had awesome results from her work and have recommended her whole heartedly to others seeking support with their health needs.”



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To better serve you, I prefer if you book an appointment. I look forward to assisting you in your healing journey and to remember your greatness. The path to wellness is a journey where you open and listen to your body language and make changes as you go through the phases of your life. There are no magic pills but only a re-connection to nature and loving your life's journey. 



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It's time for you to remember that the plant kingdom is the only way to your wellness. Join in the inner journey to your understanding of your imbalances and reclaim your power.